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Woop woop, first entry. Hopefully I can learn to ropes of dreamwidth by a few days. It's really up in the air on how active I shall on here since I do have my tumblr personal. But this website seems interesting enough. But waaahhhh ECK's account looks so cool!

I wonder when/if Chrissy will get online. I'm worried about the stress all her late night homework is putting on her on top of the pressure from her parents and her eating disorder. I'm try to help her however I can. But sometimes it seems near impossible. If only I could be good with words like Milo. -sigh-

In other news, when I get home hopefully I can get to working on some drafts, or at least write a drabble. It kind of saddens me to see people losing their muse or getting sad about their RP skills.

And the whole thing with Alex and Allie leaving the chat kind of hurts. I mean, its their lives and they do as they may, but I wonder what caused them to leave? I mean they say about how they "don't even know what's going on" anymore. But I feel it might have to do something with Lindsay, Milo, and Jeune. Who knows. I can only hope this "tension" can leave before it tears apart everyone. That may just me being pessimistic and worrying. And there's the whole thing with Milo. Of course we all want to be there, but... he's stubborn like that. He doesn't want people's help. I wouldn't call it him being in a bad mood, he has his right to keep to himself, but still. It's a weird, conflicting feeling. I do agree a bit with Lindsay in her feeling. The fact that Alex is the only one who can approach him in that state with confidence. It makes me a bit sad that I can't. But that's to be expected. He's closer with Alex then any of us. It's a bit disheartening. 

On a lighter note. I do plan on making a few drabbles with Breakbert and perhaps Gilice. I would do anything to make my friends feel better. Cassie, Milo, Sophie, Chirpy, Lindsay, Chase, Soda, Alex, any of them. Even if they only want to push away.


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